The RE

Situated on a historic pedestrian mall almost literally in the shadow of the Peace Tower, the site is ideally positioned to rejuvenate its surroundings through inspired and attentive redevelopment, and to breathe new life into the core of the National Capital Region. The project is comprised of two mixed-use residential/commercial buildings, a 16 storey tower and a 6 storey structure designed to complement and complete the Sparks St. streetscape. The commercial-use portions are located at street level on both Queen and Sparks Streets; while the upper floors are residential with a mix of rental and condominium units. A key feature of the architecture is the integration of the existing heritage fa├žade into the new development. The urban planning features of the property provide unique opportunities for enhanced use of the Sparks Street Mall and connections through to Queen Street. These opportunities are realized through the integration of pedestrian paths and courtyards linking these two vibrant Ottawa streets.